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Upvest builds the financial infrastructure of tomorrow, powered by blockchain. We make it incredibly simple for every company to use the benefits of the blockchain via our APIs. Our solution is globally used in more than 80 countries. Our team comes from all over the world (we sponsor visas) and we are based in Berlin, Germany.

We look for ambitious doers that love to solve real-world problems with the blockchain. We have a bold long-term view that is backed by Europe’s largest tech VCs Notion Capital, Partech and Holtzbrinck Ventures. Join us if you are brave enough.

We’re looking for a full-time talented engineer responsible for support our clients in integrating our API, as well as developing software for tools, frameworks, and automated tests.

Your work:

  • Help our clients’ engineering team to integrate our API into their application
  • Debugging API request errors and tracking down the source of incorrect or incomplete data
  • Prioritise feature requests
  • Develop customer-facing updates & monitoring tools
  • Write and optimise of our API Docs
  • Developing software for testing tools, framework and automated tests (focus must be on automation for running tests quickly and repeatedly)

Your personal profile:

  • Customer-first attitude with a strong sense of empathy
  • Proven experience in RESTful API development
  • Contributing to planning and design, reviewing product code and formulating test scenarios
  • Developing test automation frameworks and automating test scenarios using the frameworks
  • Setting up the infrastructure to run tests in CI/CD, in parallel and with the appropriate test data
  • Developing tools to assist manual and exploratory testing
  • Good understanding of blockchain integrations (mainly ETH, BTC, Stellar)
  • Good knowledge of cryptography, distributed consensus technologies (POS/POW) and Smart Contracts
  • You are proactive in learning new stacks and have a high sense of taking ownership
  • We’re an English-speaking team, so no German knowledge will be required

Your package:

  • Our salary package is typically above average
  • You will co-own Upvest with company equity
  • You will receive personal coaching sessions
  • We have flat hierarchies, you can grow into any role

Our cultural values:

  • Think big: Know your north star. Be hungry. Never give up.
  • Dig deep: Find the root cause of things. Be obsessed with it.
  • Play fair: Build powerful partnerships, lasting relationships and long term value.
  • Resourcefulness: Understand the concept of time. Find a solution.
  • Own it: Be proactive. Lead by example.
  • Unity: Supporting each other and working together with transparency in good and bad times.